Half Head Highlights

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Half Head Highlights can enhance your natural hair colour or completely change your look, depending on how bold you want to be with your style. Highlights will be applied mainly to the top, with a few areas to blend the sides and back of the head, but they will not be applied to the layers underneath. Our professional hairstylists will be able to discuss colour, shade and the amount of highlights needed to achieve your desired result.

Prices are as follows: Short Hair - £30 Long Hair - £40

All prices include: Consultation, Free Advice & Your Chosen Treatments at our hair salon in Romford.

Included in our Half Head Highlight Service

  • Consultation
  • Free Advice
  • Hair & Scalp Analysis
  • Wash
  • Half Head Highlights
  • Free Cup of Tea or Coffee

Things to know about Half Head Highlights

  • If you're unsure how much colour you want, it's best to start with less as more colour can always be added afterwards
  • Your stylist will discuss colour choices that match or enhance your skin tone or create the style you're after
  • Previously coloured hair may need to be treated differently
  • Typically you will need to get this redone once you start noticing too much natural hair colour regrowth
  • Half Head refers to highlights mainly being applied on the top with some highlighting of the front, back and sides to help blend into your natural hair shape. The layers underneath are not highlighted.
  • Half Head Highlights are an inexpensive way of producing fantastic results if you don't want to go for full head highlights. They can still look very natural as it is the area where the sun would normally lighten your natural hair colour
  • Half Head Highlights are suitable for most styles although it is not recommended if you wear your hair up really high. This is because high hair styles tend to expose the layers underneath that will not be highlighted and so the effect may be lost. Please discuss the style you normally wear your hair with our fully qualified and experienced stylists

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