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T Section Highlights can enhance your natural hair colour or completely change your look, depending on how bold you want to be with your style. It involves colouring around 1/4 of the hair, helping you to look and feel your best. Great for adding a sparkle for special occasions.

All prices include: Consultation, Hair & Scalp Analysis and Free Advice at our hair salon in Romford.

Included in our T Section Highlight Service

  • Consultation
  • Free Advice
  • Hair & Scalp Analysis
  • Wash
  • T Section Highlights
  • Free Cup of Tea or Coffee

Things to know about T Section Highlights

  • If you're unsure how much colour you want, it's best to start with less as more colour can always be added afterwards
  • Your stylist will discuss colour choices that will match or enhance your skin tone or create the style you want
  • Previously coloured hair may need to be treated differently
  • Typically you will need to get this redone once you start noticing too much natural hair colour regrowth
  • The "T Section" is across your parting and up the sides of the top 1/4 of your hair, although this can vary regarding your chosen style
  • T Section highlights are an inexpensive way of producing fantastic results if you don't want to go for a full head highlight. They can look very natural as it is the area where the sun would normally lighten your natural hair colour
  • T Section highlights are suitable for most styles although it is not recommended if you wear your hair really high. This is because layers hidden underneath a high hairstyle will not be highlighted. Please discuss your preferences with our fully qualified and experienced stylist

We look forward to seeing you soon at the Hair & Beauty Clinic Romford.

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